Time to check in on my 2014 predictions, see how they turned out.

In the spirit of accountability, a full 8 months into the year, let’s see how my 2014 predictions are turning out.

# 1 – “Gold will continue to decline. I predict a low point around 800.00 oz.I’m specifically looking for the silver:gold ratio to drop below the 40:1 level. It’s been in the low 60s for sometime now.”

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Security is essential for political progress

The current administration has consistently been forthright in its view that long-term solutions in the Middle East (and elsewhere) must be political in nature and that the American military cannot deliver said solutions.

I agree.

However, I think that approach misses a larger point (which I understand to be roughly analogous to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs), in that basic security is essential before any of the higher order social functions, including political ones, can be undertaken.

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Following up on yesterday’s post

Yesterday’s post spawned some private feedback which made me realize that it could have been taken for a general statement about religion as opposed to a specific statement about an emerging state.

To be clear, I have no argument with Islam, per se. It’s foreign to me, so I don’t truly understand it, but I think any belief system can be taken to uncivil extremes of behavior.

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The meanderings of a simple mind


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